Don't Hold Your Breath
 Housewife's mask
Don't Hold Your Breath
Housewife's mask
recycled, reused raw canvas, string, spool

This mask was created in response to artist / curator Joanne Vanin's touring project entitled Don't Hold Your Breath.
The work was folded, braided and sewn together. I modeled the mask for
photographer Vittorio Pavan who shot this image at dawn on the island of St. Elena, Venice, Italy

Excerpt from the projects premise:

Global pollution, the increased use of chemical substances in the air we breath, the food we eat and in every day household and personal care products have resulted in a growth in toxicity in people leading to an increased prevalence of environmental disease.
Each time we purchase and use a product containing chemical substances, we assume that it has undergone necessary tests in order to determine possible toxic effects. We actually know very little about what impact the daily doses of numerous chemicals have on health. These are absorbed through the respiratory system, contact with the skin and through food and water consumption.
The European Union states that, on average, we are exposed to approximately 300 different chemical substances per day: scientific tests show that those most affected are children, for whom exposure begins in the womb...This Art Symposium is twofold: on the one hand to increase public awareness regarding environmental disease that affects thousands of people; and on the other hand to show how it is perhaps easier to try to “adapt” to the situation instead of changing it, using the irony of glamour and marketing to make this new accessory a fashion must have.
Will changes take place in time? “Don’t Hold your Breath”